What is Tantra?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word that means “woven together.” Hindu and Buddhist meditation practitioners use sexual union as a metaphor for weaving together the physical and the spiritual: weaving man to woman, and humanity to the divine. The purpose is to become one with God.

Tantra teaches slow and gentle sexual intercourse. Couples in my practice who have tried tantric sex find that they cultivate great sensual pleasure and also a sense of “dissolving into each other” that is profound and loving.

In our modern over scheduled lives, we rarely stop and intently focus on our partner. Practising tantric sex can enhance your relationship and your sexual pleasure in several ways. First, emphasizing breath and connection creates a deep level of intimate contact. This alone can open your heart to feeling closer, more loving and more forgiving. Second, the slow pace of tantric lovemaking will allow you to explore the sensual range of your bodies and minds.

- Best Health Magazine